Material & Labor Warranty

Alexim warrants to the building owner, subject to the terms conditions and limitations set forth herein, that for the period in which warranty is effective, Alexim will repair any leak in the roofing system at the address.

During the time of the warranty, the owner shall notify Alexim before making any alterations or adjustments on or through the roof.

Owner shall provide Alexim with written notification of any leak within 2 days of the discovery of the leak.

If it found through investigation that a repair was made to a leak not of the responsibility of Alexim, Owner shall promptly reimburse Alexim.

Terms Conditions and Limitations

Alexim shall under no circumstances be responsible for incidental, consequential damages including but not limited to injury to any person or damages to the building or contents of the building including mold and mildew.

There are no other express warranties except as stated herein, and no representative has authority to make such representations.

This warranty shall not be applicable to damage or loss caused in whole or in part by natural disasters, lightning, hail, wind gusts in excess of 54 MPH, vandalism, acts of war, civil disobedience, non approved alterations to the roof or structure, harmful solvents, acids, caustic fluids, oils, waxes, bleaches and other harmful chemicals, failure of the owner or lease to use reasonable care in maintaining the roof, traffic or storage of materials not approved, infiltration of water or moisture not from the roofing system, acts of parties other than Alexim, insects or animals, failure of building components other than roofing system, errors and omissions by other professional design authorities.

Alexim reserves the right to withdraw the warranty if the full contract amount is not paid in full.

The warranty payout limit is that of the original contract fee and applicable taxes.

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