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Houses with flat roofing are becoming more popular not only for their interesting design, but also have various advantages. What are the benefits?

Cost. Why does it cost less?

First – area coverage. Area coverage of traditional sloped roofs is larger than flat roofs. Consequently, less flat roof materials for heat and waterproofing are required. The second is the cost of the installation. Waterproofing material in the case of a flat roof performs only its direct function – waterproofing, while installing sloped roof waterproofing properties need to look aesthetically pleasing while performing it’s function for it’s given lifetime. Therefore, the cost for quality, cover and accessories for sloped roofs is several times higher than the cost of comprehensive work for waterproof flat roofs. Third, work load on flat roofs is significantly less than traditional sloped roofs. A team of experienced roofers (including at least three people) at a flat roof installation of 2000 – 3000 sq. ft. can be completed in two to three working days. This process includes all installation work: drainage, insulation, waterproofing, covering parapets, etc. Obviously, sloped roof building construction requires much more time and effort.

Maintenance. Easier?

Single-ply membrane is an inorganic material which has zero water absorption. This advanced material simplifies care and deprives us of the “pleasure” of cleaning snow from the roof in the winter. Also, this quality membrane can withstand many cycles of freezing/melting that results in accumulation of water, ice and snow on a flat roof; causing damage on other roofing materials. Snow on the single-ply membrane roof can help – it’s a natural thermal insulator for your home. The only necessary maintenance will be cleaning leaves around drains two or three times a year.

Air conditioning and heat loss. Savings?

If we compare air conditioning costs of flat roofs and sloped roofs, they are almost identical. However, when single-ply roofing membrane for flat roofs, due to it’s heat reflecting properties, costs will be significantly lowered. Cooling down the building in the summer will be more costly for the sloped roofs because these roof planes are arranged almost vertically, meaning the sun heats them from early morning to evening. Flat roofs on the other hand are exposed to intense heat only in the afternoon when the sun is at it’s higher point.

Still considering flat roof? What we can offer.

Our company is specialized only in a flat roofs. This is our priority. Experts of the company Alexim can create a flat roof from scratch: concept development, design, assembly, modern materials, assembling all the parts, including waterproofing flat roofs and all associated systems, warranty service, etc. Always glad to work with homeowners.

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